Iran or better-said Ancient Persia has 8,000 Medicinal plants.
Traditional Persian medicine dates back to several thousand years. The father of modern medicine, the Persian polymath Avicenna,
wrote books on herbalism and traditional medicine.
While western cultures tend to see this ancient practice as ‘alternative’ treatment today, the more traditional medicinal practices retain a prominent status in modern Iran.

Enhancing the experience of hydration.


Starting out as a journey visiting the ancient cities of Persia became an exploration into the practice of herbal distillation and ended in a new way to hydrate. In Bloom Drops became an authentic beverage and wellness brand.  The concept began with Golnaz, Co – Founder, visiting her home land. On her travels, she was inspired by how the use of herbal distillation was still embedded into Persian culture. They add the herbal distillate to their drinking water, tea and into culinary delicacies, both savoury and sweet. They are also considered as very safe beverages used for medicinal purposes depending on the particular plant material used in the distillation methods.  After months of extensive research on herbs and their benefits she returned with a vision of a healthy, sustainable alternative way of enhancing hydration.

Why In Bloom Drops?

So many of us prefer to take coffee, a juice or think we are being healthy to choose a drink promising to deliver a positive impact on our health in a multitude of ways. Not only are we not hydrating ourselves efficiently we are also consuming a lot more additives than we think.

Now more than ever we are seeing a shift back to the powers of nature. At In Bloom Drops we have modernised an ancient tradition of herbal distillation. The most natural way to enhance water with distinct tastes and aromas while benefiting our overall wellbeing. We are encouraging hydration and offering a sustainable healthy alternative way to add flavour to water or what we choose to drink.

You are probably asking yourself is this a Gel? A Powder or Water?

The practice of distillation requires a well-timed coordinated dance to ensure to capture the essence of the plant in the water as it is steamed. The steam that is given off condenses and liquefies together in a collecting vessel creating a water – pure botanical distillate.


Each blend name signifies the geographical area to which the particular plant material grows or prominently used within society. Our blends are one of a kind, small batch, hand crafted 100% botanical water enhancers with no preservative, sugar or calories.

In Bloom Drops have conceptualised a new way of hydration.