“In Bloom Drops is on a mission to change the way we taste and experience
hydration through an ancient practice of distillation.”



Founder and creative force behind In Bloom Drops

She splits her time between designing and managing her eponymous fashion brand that was launched in 2011. Her personal interest in all things wellness set her journey into researching herbs and the benefits derived from Botanical water.

In 2017, Golnaz took a short visit to Iran and most notably to the ancient cities of Shiraz and Ispahan. It was here she became rather astounded in the way in which Persians use herbs in their daily lives. They add distillate herbal flavours to their drinking water, tea and into culinary delicacies, both savory and sweet.

She returned to London with a vision of a healthy, sustainable alternative to the so called ‘health drinks’ currently available in the market. Golnaz conceptualized a new way of hydration from water with unique botanical flavours via a modern extraction technique devised from the old Persian practices of herbal distillation.

Each drop represents the true power of nature.
Enjoy the experience!



Co founder and the structural mastermind behind In Bloom Drops

A Lover of Beauty and Wellness, Steph strongly advocates that beauty is generated within.

She started her career as a model, however, found her true passion in luxury brand management. Over the past 5 years she dedicated her time executing brands into new emerging markets along with consulting for upcoming niche lifestyle brands.

Understanding through her own needs of life balance she is dedicating her timesharing what she loves to encourage the wellness/work life equilibrium we all strive to achieve. An advocate of clean natural brands and wellness products that put the body’s needs first and harness the importance of taking a holistic approach.

When Stephanie joined forces, she added her expertise in luxury brand management combined with her personal journey into conscious beauty; IN Bloom Drops 5 iconic blends became an authentic wellness brand.