When Beauty meets Wellness

Beauty should be seen holistically embodying three main pillars, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Caring for our skin is a balancing act between what we put into our bodies to the lotions and potions we put topically onto our bodies. It is a lifestyle that consistency and routine plays a key role and in turn supports emotional well being and mental clarity. As someone that finds it hard to meditate my beauty ritual has
become a way to embody my values of Beauty and to remind myself the interconnectedness between the three main pillars.

How do we take care of our Mind, Body and Spirit? We have been conditioned to eat well and keep an active lifestyle, however, the most essential part of beauty is the connective element that brings both these aspects together. One of these elements is hydration. So you may ask why In Bloom Drops?

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Rejuvenate with Kashan

A natural blend of Rose and Cardamom herbal distillate in a convenient sachet ready to drop. Kashan is my beauty drop. I add a sachet into my glass of water in the morning. It has become part of my morning beauty ritual. I am encouraging myself to hydrate while simultaneously benefiting from the natural goodness from Rose & Cardamom. Both high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which promotes healthy glowing skin by reducing oxidised stress and inflammation.
Cardamom, in particular, helps your metabolism eliminate toxins that have ability to reduce premature aging. Rose waters hydrating properties plumps up the skin by restoring water in your skin while its aroma has an incredible calming effect on the body. Rose water, renowned as the elixir of youth for centuries is a power house in terms of its benefits to the three pillar of wellness, MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Morning Beauty Ritual

Firstly, I have to admit I am a big fan of the snooze button in the morning. I finally cut it down to a one time use until I get myself up ready to set the right intentions for the day. With spending more time at home recently my previous 5-minute beauty routine has only just slightly doubled as I still have the nursery run to conquer at 8.30am. I am, however, grateful for the extra minutes I have finally set for myself in the morning. Upon waking the first thing I need to do is cleanse my face, the balm consistency of my cleanser creates this amazing velvet feeling on my skin. I then use a wet toweled cleansing pad to wipe off the cleanser and any impurities that have landed on my skin overnight. I am finally awake at this point. I then take a double dose of Rose water… I topically apply with my all-time favourite Organise Rose Water spritz meanwhile I pour the KASHAN blend into my first glass of water for the day.

The combination of both ingesting and topically applying this ingredient hits every sense and truly helps me glow from within. If you haven’t smelt pure rose water before you are missing out, it is a truly relaxing experience. Drinking my first
glass of water with such flavour and natural goodness sets me up to create positive intentions on keeping focused and well hydrated throughout the day.


1. Head to the bathroom to start morning skincare routine.

2. Cleanse face with my ultimate favourite cleanser, Romilly Wilde Light +
Energy Serum, I am finally awake and refreshed.

3. Double dosing on rose water – I tone my face with an Organic Rose Water
Spritz by Rabee Skincare followed by adding KASHAN to a glass of room
temperature water. This is the recipe to glow from within.

4. Repair and simultaneously protect my skin with a combination product of
Vitamin C and SPF by Supergoop! Daily Dose.

5. Prepare my Matcha Latte ready for a morning work out.