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Meet one of the founders of EQUI LONDON, Rosie Speight.

Through her years working as a trader, and in sales at leading investment banks Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, Rosie fully understands the demands a fast-paced lifestyle can impose. Now an entrepreneur and busy working-mum, she is passionate about sharing her personal knowledge on how to feel your best and self-care routine.

Tell us about how and why you set up EQUI London?

Equi London is a multi- award-winning, concise range of nutritional supplements with a unique approach; to bring the body back to Equilibrium.

I started Equi with, Alice, a leading nutritional therapist who is also one of my oldest and closest friends. We met at University over 15 years ago and have travelled through life together ever since, so it’s lovely to be working together on something that we’re both incredibly passionate about.

The idea was born after I went to see Alice to focus on improving her skin health. At the time I was working in Investment Banking and was living a fast paced and often stressful lifestyle, as so many of us do. Alice suggested a range of supplements for Rosie that were based on the science-based approach she has taken for over a decade in private practice. The products worked to target and support her whole body and within weeks they had not only cleared her skin, up but also improved her energy, digestion, concentration, sleep and hormone balance – I felt the best she had in years!

These products and this approach was only available through buying specialist products singularly from practitioners. The way the ingredients worked together in synergy in the body was totally unique and we quickly realised that we could bring this approach to the market, in one single supplement. Helping people look and feel their best underpins everything we do at Equi and we try to bring the genuine love and friendship that we have for one another to every one of our customers.

What are the major benefits of taking regular supplements?

Of course, diet should and does always come first when considering nutrition, however if we’re really honest with ourselves, do we really achieve a perfect diet every single day? Busy lives make it tricky, not to mention the endless anti-nutrients we face on a daily basis which means we burn through nutrients at a much faster rate than we’re designed to, from stress to pollution, cleaning products to alcohol and fried foods…. also considering the overarmed soils and meats which make a ‘perfect diet’ very very tricky.

Keeping nutrient levels high when facing the stressors of modern life is incredibly important and we are so often deficient in key nutrients such as Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, Fit C to name a few. In order for the body to continue to operate at optimum, nutrient levels need to be maintained and so there is such a place in our busy lives for a well formulated, high quality supplements that covers all basis and ticks all boxes, like Equi. As the only totally body system nourishing product on the market, we have removed the confusion in what products to take… it’s all in one jar. And to this we say – why wouldn’t you?

What differentiates your product to other supplement brands?

Our approach is unique, our Formulas are full body nourishment – they equivalent of 10 supplements in 1. No other brands approach wellness  and self-care in the comprehensive way that we do…we wanted to provide clarity in a confusing market space, having seen so many friends try to create their own supplement ranges, layering products together without much knowledge. We bring a nutritionist in a bottle with expertly formulated synergies that have a host of benefits because they work to feed the body deep at it’s core and power it back to balance – when it is at it’s optimum. Taking Equi will help to promote an energised body that is able to rest, with a focused mind which is also able to switch off, with clear, beautiful skin, balanced hormones and mood, improved digestion and strengthened immunity. All in one easy to take product…!!

How do you approach work life balance?

Near impossible with a business, small children and working from home – so not very well is the correct answer to that question….but if I plan time with my children in the day and ensure I sign off for bedtime (even if it means logging on again once they’re in bed), this will mean I get some sort of balance and I can be fully present on each thing – not in a muddle.

What would be your top nutritional tips that we can incorporate into our self-care and daily wellness routine?

Keep your routine, try to eat at the same time each day and give the body time to rest in-between.
sure your plate has a good balance of who grain carbs, healthy fat, protein and vegetables – this will keep the body stable and help to stop you snacking.
Water water water – stay hydrated!
Eat for your gut – fermented foods, oily fish, an array of colourful vegetables.
Consider what you can add into your diet rather than take out – we’re all about balance and we should enjoy some of the finer things in life from time-to-time without guilt. And 80/20 approach is a good one to have.

What are your personal acts of self-care in your daily routine?

After taking supplements, hydration is number 1 and something we forget to prioritise all-too-often and is imperative for the body to function well. Mindset comes next; we all ‘take-care of ourselves’ on a daily basis, but recognising acts such as making a nutritious smoothie or doing 30 mins of pilates as ‘self-care’, I think, turbo charges the energy around it and elevates the whole experience. I also love Face Yoga, Gus Sha, power walks in the park listening to a podcast or long baths watching Netflix once the kids are in bed. Socialising is also such an important element of keeping my mood high and I get such a boost from my friends. As with everyone, I’ve really missed jhispart of life and cannot wait to be in that fun, vibrant environment of a long lunch with closest friends….

Have you tried In Bloom Drops? If so what is your favourite blend and why?

Yes! Absolutely love them! They gave me a little moment of pause in the afternoon during a busy day to elevate my glass of water, to treat myself and do something a little special. It’s a little act of self care and I think the benefits of this go beyond the health benefits from hydrating and the nutrition that In Bloom Drops deliver… it gives you added moment of taking some time for yourself as a little recharge. My Favourite blend was the Saffron and Rose (ISPAHAN) as I love the mood and focus benefits of this powerful antioxidant.

How did In Bloom Drops fit into you daily wellness abd self-care routine?

Perfectly – the easy packing is brilliant and I had them stored in my desk and so I remember to take one each day mid afternoon – often instead of a cup of tea. This very quickly became part of my daily routine as it was such a lovely thing to do for myself. Love it!